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The Marching Cobras was founded by Willie Arthur Smith in 1969.  Since that time, they have been one of the most sought after drill teams on the local, state and regional level.  Their high stepping, precision dance routines have earned them national and international acclaim.


The Cobras have a unique energy packed show filled highly skilled dance and drill routines, tumblers, pom poms and a soulful drum line that enhances the show to keep your hands clapping, fingers snapping, and feet tapping.


​The Marching Cobras, is a non-profit organization that has served as the blue print for other drill teams.  It is estimated that over 9,000 youth have participated in this organization since the beginning. They have performed in 45 of the 50 states, in front of 3 presidents, in the Rose Garden at the White House, Nice, France; Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, TV commercials and shows.  They have also won over 500 first place awards and certificates.

The Marching Cobras are a sensation with just the right ingredient to spice up your appetite for lively entertainment.  You won't be able to stand still without tapping your feet to the beat of the drum. Check us out.

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